Thursday, October 7, 2010

recent discoveries & life changing events

1. I am a horrible blogger.
2. I love fall. I have always lived in a home surrounded by juniper trees, which are beautiful in their own way....i guess, but our new home is surrounded by LEAFY trees that change colors and drop onto my front porch and I LOVE it.  Im also a fan of boots and fall is the ideal time to bust them out :)

3. I love our new motorcycle! The other night Byron and I decided to go on an evening ride to Inkom. (he found out I had never been to Inkom and he thought I was crazy) We took the back roads to the country store and got some coke in the old fashioned bottles. We sat outside drinking them and talking and then got back on the bike for home. 
It was sort of romantic :)

4. I have the urge to paint my house. And rearrange. And decorate for fall. And hang up our amazing wedding pictures. I want to do my living room brown...but not a flat, boring brown. A warm, inviting brown. Any suggestions? The hubby will be gone all weekend hunting with his dad and brothers...perfect time to clean and DECORATE.

I recently got a new job. I know everyone thought I was going to be at the daycare/preschool forever....I was starting to think the same thing :) But after 5 years I decided to take a job at Golds Gym as the director of THEIR preschool. I KNOW, it doesnt seem like Im branching out much!! But it was an amazing opportunity when I wasnt looking for one...a blessing in disguise for Byron and I. AND after about 2 months, I'm happy to report that I LOVE it! 
Thank goodness right?!

ALSO....My mom and I are going to THAILAND!!! Rad huh?! :) We were invited to go work in orphanages and in refugee camps with the Karen people of mom and I both took an anthropology class in college that focused mainly on the people of Burma and it was so interesting and was a weird set of coincidences that brought us to this trip and we couldnt be more thankful. We leave 2 days after Christmas and will be gone for 22 days!! We absolutely cannot wait.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

one month.

we have offically been "the hunts" for one month today. best month of my life. BUSY. but the best. 

byron works for UPS every morning at 5 am and then comes home to nap right about the time i leave for work. then he goes to work AGAIN about the time im getting off. quality time together is rare...and special. i LIVE for the weekends when we get to play together. 
byron found out he got into the respiratory therapy program the other day and i am so proud/happy/excited for him. life is about to get even busier, though, and ive never been more thankful for "the little things in life"....

i love making breakfast together. i love watching him sleep (he sleeps so peacefully). i love arguing about laundry and dishes and mowing the lawn with him. i love when a fun song comes on while we're driving and we both sing so loudly and ridiculously. i love that he puts his whole heart into everything he does. i love that on days when i feel sick, like today, i have him here, at our home, to comfort me.

so we are starting a blog!!?

i LOVE blog stalking and have been so inspired lately with others blogs, i thought it was a perfect time to begin our own.  needless to say....this is CONFUSING! give me some time. i will figure it out!